Free Delivery
On orders over Rp 300.000
Delivery Area
Available in Jakarta
Discount 5%
All orders above Rp.500.000 Online Shop Only

Q : How can I buy Chocolate Monggo online?

A : 1. Your delivery address should be in DKI Jakarta area.

  1. Please register by create an account and login
  2. Use the “Products List” option to help you find the products you desire.
  3. If you're familiar with our products, you may also search for the desired products in the “Search” toolbar.
  4. Add your desired products into the cart.
  5. Please complete the form with your name, email address and delivery address including your postal code. Then confirm your order.
  6. After the order received, Monggo team will verify your order via phone to confirm Products and quantities, delivery time, delivery address and payment method.
  7. If you wish to pay via transfer, step 6 will be done after payment completed. Payment also can be done upon delivery by cash or debit.
  8. You will receive the products along with your receipt.
  9. Enjoy your chocolates.

Q : Is the online promotion program can also be used on the offline Showroom of Chocolate Monggo?

A : These Terms of Sale applies when you place an order through Monggo online shop.  Please note that all Terms do not apply to your purchase on our offline Showroom.

Q : Why do I have to register?

A : You can save time because you don’t need to fill in your contact information each time you place an order. You can view your earlier orders in your order history.

Q : What if I forget my password?

A : We can reset your password upon your request

Q : When can I order chocolate Monggo online?

A : Order can be placed anytime

Q : When will I receive my chocolates?

A : You will receive your chocolate within 3 week days after your order confirmation. Our delivery time range is between 10.00 - 16.00 everyday. Should we have delivery issue affected by force majeure such as flooding or demonstration. We will contact you as soon as possible to confirm the possibilities to reschedule the delivery

Q : How would I know if my address is on the Chocolate Monggo online shop coverage area?

A : On the check out page, you will put your detailed address, if you're not in DKI Jakarta area, for the time being your order can not be completed.

Q : How much do I have to pay for delivery charge?

A : Our delivery service is FREE for all orders of a minimum amount 300,000 IDR. Any order below mentioned amount will be subjected to a delivery charge of Rp 50,000. The delivery charges will be clearly indicated at the checkout.

Q : Can I change my order after my online confirmation?

A : Once we receive your order submission, we will call you to verify your order. Should you need to change the order, remove the products or change your order quantity,  our team will cancel your order. You will just need to make a new order. For any other details or information regarding your delivery or your order, please call our dedicated team: 0856 1570 251

Q : What if the delivered products are not in accordance with the order I have placed; either in product variant, quantity or both?

A : Please be sure that you check the products before signing the receipt.  If the products delivered are different with what you ordered, you may choose to pay according to the value of the qty of products you received or you may also pay full payment and we will replace the products within 24 hours, without additional delivery charge.

Q : What if I receive damaged packaging or defected product?

A : We have a strong commitment to the quality of our products.  However, if in the unlikely event the packaging was damaged (dirty, torn or oily) or the product is misshapen (broken or melted) before you signed the receipt, you may not have to pay for the product or you may still pay the total amount and we will replace the defect products within 24 hours, without additional delivery charge.

Q : I have signed the receipt when I found out that I receive the wrong products or the products are not in the good condition, can I return the product or receive any cash back?

A : Products are not returnable or refundable after receipt signed. We strongly recommend you to check your products before signing the receipt. However should these specific conditions occure, please address your complaint to our customer service:

Q : How can I pay my order?

A : Payment can be done by bank transfer before delivery, cash or debit card upon delivery at your convenience.

Q : I live in DKI Jakarta, what If I want to order in large volume for my special occasion?

A : Please contact us by email for the specific products and quantities. Certain terms and conditions may apply.

Q : My address is not covered by the Chocolate Monggo online shop, yet I want to do order by online, what should I do?

A : Please contact us by email for the specific products and quantities. Certain terms and conditions may apply.

Q : I am not satisfied with Chocolate Monggo online shop service. Where should I address my complaint?

A : We are very sorry for any inconvenience you may experienced with our online shop service, please address your complaint to our customer service:

Q : Where can I get more information about Chocolate Monggo?

A : Please visit our website:

Facebook: Cokelat Monggo

Twitter: Cokelat Monggo

Instagram: Chocolatemonggo